Measure What Matters

Our software solutions accurately measure the value of your partnerships and activations, allowing you to compare and contextualize your investments with the most precise and transparent data in the industry.

Broadcast measurement

Take A Break From Commercials

Non-commercial content represents 77% of the Live Event Window, so why is everyone focused on the 23% to which nobody devotes attention? Measure what matters most.


Your preferred event data, taken from 3.2 million households across 210 DMAs, displayed in our easy-to-read dashboard.

Simplify sponsorship valuation metrics and sort by top earner, brand and asset placement, or event.

AI powered brand detection occurs at 30 frames per second, ensuring no logo is left behind.

Social measurement

Value At Your Fingertips

Media coverage, highlights, content from leagues, teams, players, partners and fans. Monitor the second wave of value that social provides with a platform built for scale.


A one-stop-shop for the metrics that matter, our Entities page is easily-accessible for research and quick comparisons.

Filter, rank, and sort through granular level data, or breeze through a bird’s-eye view of preferred metrics and content.

Social media metrics provide transparency for measurement, benchmarking, and reporting to understand the value for each brand, keyword, and hashtag down to the post level.

Streaming measurement

The Future Of Broadcast

AI-powered logo and placement detection for streamed events, providing comprehensive sponsorship valuation.

Long-Form Video

Custom logo placements require custom reporting, and as Twitch’s preferred measurement partner, we guarantee confidence in your data.

Monitor OTT metrics in platform alongside live TV viewership to report on a holistic view of your data.

YouTube metrics are an imperative part of digital data, so we scan any videos that you pre select and provide you with accurate insights and brand valuation.

Professional Services

We help you achieve lasting success and long-term value

Our strategic account teams bring extensive industry experience across creative and consulting agencies, network television, consumer brands, professional sports teams, and experiential agencies. Chances are, we have been in your shoes. We deliver unmatched strategy, consulting, reporting, and support services to help you realize the full value of your investment in MVP software and services.

Strategic Customer Success

Our teams provide strategic guidance for your MVP partnership with a heart for service and the best possible customer experience.

Align organization goals and use cases to your business objectives.
Develop customer success plan with defined KPIs, enablement pathway, training and adoption plan.
Provide best practice recommendations with a focus towards achieving business results.
Product Adoption & Community

We empower MVP users through strategic enablement and provide education and learning opportunities through knowledge resources and our customer community.

Access online learning community, MVP Academy which provides courses and knowledge guides about MVP products and services.
Connect and learn with other MVP customers through live events, webinars and customer advisory panels.
Provide ongoing support and periodic updates to MVP roadmap and solutions.
Strategic Services

A data-centric team with Industry and vertical expertise in sponsorship that provides valuable, actionable insights from your data.

Create standard and custom reports that showcase the value of partnerships and assets and answer key strategic questions about performance.
Benchmark and compare data across categories and verticals to define best practices and qualify performance outputs.
Serve as an extension of your team to curate and analyze relevant data sets, craft KPIs, and cultivate new measurement processes.

Dynamic reporting

Delivering Value From Analyst to Executive

Our dynamic reporting makes data digestible, contextual and distributable, helping bridge the communication gap that prevents insights from turning into action.

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