A Year in the Life of the NFL


The Whole 100 Yards

For 18 consecutive weeks every fall, stadiums from coast to coast fill with NFL fans eager for hard hits, highlight-reel touchdowns, and heart-wrenching gridiron moments. That passion flows into home watch parties, team-themed bars and restaurants, and even the speakers of fans listening to games on the go. But the three – or sometimes 10 – hours of football that fans consume every Sunday pales in comparison to the volume of content produced by the year-round league. In addition to live game broadcasts across several major television networks during the regular season, the NFL dominates the North American sporting discourse on social media and over the airwaves during its electrifying single-elimination playoffs culminating with the Super Bowl, the months-long lead-up to its annual draft each April, training camp, and preseason. We used MVP’s omnichannel platforms to examine various ways value is generated for the league, its teams, and partners during each critical juncture of the NFL calendar, beginning with last season’s training camp.

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