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Measuring your sponsorship value at the asset level is the only way to ensure accurate sponsorship valuation, and MVP is the leading innovator in this technology.

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Keith Wachtel
NHL Chief Business Officer and Senior Executive Vice President
Through MVP Index's trusted and innovative valuation technology, we will be able to provide more accurate valuations and asset measurement that will better align with brands and agencies expectations.”
Why It Matters

no value left behind

MVP's patented Computer Vision technology delivers reliable reporting, staying ahead in an evolving industry. Asset-first detection is proven to more than double sponsorship ROI, maximizing the value of your partnerships.

Object Detection

Asset Value

We recognize that assets are not limited to just branded content and camera-visible signage, which is why MVP has expanded our technology to track objects of all shapes, sizes, and types. This ensures that product placement is measured and valued with the same accuracy and accountability as the other classes of assets.

Measurable Influence

Brands like Beats rely on MVP to make more informed, data-driven decisions related to their endorsements and brand ambassador programs. Measurement that is wholly reliant on logos does not account for the vast majority of products that intentionally minimize their own branding, such as headphones, leading to subjective analysis that is difficult to operationalize.

Streaming Economy

Opportunities for product placement are limitless, and MVP's platform is adept at recognizing objects as assets, whether on the field of play or off. For example, MVP's ability to track and measure objects like cans in streaming content from American professional gamer Ninja as an ambassador for Red Bull,  we can accurately determine the actual exposure value generated for the beverage manufacturer.

Entertainment Exposition

Aston Martin's placement in the James Bond movie "No Time to Die" is a prime example of value created for a brand through product visibility. We understand the importance of measuring and identifying product placements within movies and series, and our technology allows us to assess the size and duration of an object within any scene, making it identifiable and measurable. Size doesn't limit us. Even objects as large as trucks or cars can be recognized and assigned value as sponsored assets with MVP.

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