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Super Bowl LV was the culmination of an NFL season like no other. A pandemic season featuring no, or few, fans forced the league, teams, and their partners to changed strategic priorities and accelerated the migration to digital, putting greater scrutiny on advertising spends. The shift in how brands and properties measured the performance of their sponsorships and media assets made the ability to view broadcast and social media as an omnichannel analysis invaluable. 

This report analyzes performance and trends during the big game. Our ability to pinpoint minute-to-minute data with both broadcast viewership and social media gives brands higher levels of transparency into their executions. MVP is able to do this because our broadcast data is powered by a viewership panel of 3,000,000 homes, more than 66x our closest competitor. This data also represents all 240 unique DMAs, providing the best lens for viewership behavior anywhere.

The need to accurately measure broadcast and social is as important as ever. The insights learned from Super Bowl LV through minute-to-minute evaluation are now the benchmark for any sponsorship.



YoY -10.2%

Super Bowl LV's 100,776,469 average viewership was a 10.2% decrease from 2020's 111,059,359 viewers.

Brand Commercials Spotlight

In evaluating Super Bowl brand performance, it is important to understand viewership of the commercial as a key metric. Minute-to-minute broadcast analysis can pinpoint this data for specific commercials. The extension of that commercial on social amplifies a brand's performance. Here are 5 brands that utilized an omnichannel approach to their Super Bowl activations.

Pepsi Halftime Comparison

In 2020, the Super Bowl halftime show's average viewership was 117,325,284, one of the highest peaks of the whole game. There was a 14% decline in 2021 to 100,764,963 average viewers. In the 5 minutes after the show ended, audiences dropped 5.2% in 2020 and 1.9% in 2021.

First Scores

The first points of the game were both field goals in 2020 and 2021 and both were by the losing team. The difference was a 3.9% viewership drop from 2020 to 2021.

7:10 PM ET

In 2020 and 2021 there was a touchdown scored at 7:10 PM. 111,813,106 viewers watched this moment in 2020, while only 106,122,211 in 2021.

Late Game Interceptions

In 2020 and 2021, both losing QBs threw late game interceptions, within 2 minutes of each other. Garoppolo at 10:07 PM ET in 2020 and Maholmes at 10:09 PM ET this year. Due to the scores of the game, there was a decrease in viewership of 13% when Maholmnes was picked off in 2021.

Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City

When comparing viewership by participating teams DMA’s, Tampa Bay averaged 9.5% viewership growth over the course of the game compared to Kansas City.
Tampa Bay | Avg Viewers 1,653,949
Kansas City| Avg Viewers 1,070,496

Kansas City 2020 vs. 2021

When compared to last season’s Super Bowl, the Kansas City DMA saw a dramatic decrease in viewership leading into halftime. Although the DMA was seen to tune back in after half, by the 4th quarter viewership for the DMA had dropped again and even more so by the time the game ended.
2021 | Avg Viewers: 1,070,496
2020 | Avg Viewers: 1,225,737

Tampa Bay vs. New England

Lastly, while Tom Brady played in his first Super Bowl for the Bucanneers, New England averaged a higher viewership percentage than Tampa Bay, with viewership peaking when Tom Brady helped extend the lead to 21-6 at the end of the 2nd quarter.
Tampa Bay | Avg Viewers 1,653,949
New England | Avg Viewers 1,985,436
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Top Brand Posts

MVP scanned video, image, and brand mentions by text from February 7-8 to determine the value earned from both NFL affiliated accounts related to Super Bowl coverage and top media accounts. Full list of official accounts can be seen below:

NFL Affiliated Accounts: NFL, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bleacher Report NFL, NFL Network, NFL on CBS, Fox NFL Sunday, NFL on ESPN, Thursday Night Football, NBC Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football

Top Media Accounts: Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Bleacher Report, USA Today Sports, Sportscenter

Super Bowl LV

Average Viewership

Super Bowl LV had an average viewership of 100,776,469.

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YoY Comparisons

A deeper look at broadcast data uncovers additional viewership trends about specific game action.

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Top Brand Posts

Social media continued to be a major value driver for the top 10 NFL affiliated brands and accounts.

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Commercial Crossover

Minute-to-minute analysis showcases top performing brands during broadcast. Those that had the best results, layered in social exeuctions as well.

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DMA Data

Broadcast data about specific DMAs allow for comparisons between top markets, specifically fanbases closely associated with the game.

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