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What you should know about AB InBev’s incentive-based sponsorship model:
  • AB was the first to standardize performance in sponsorship agreements
  • All 90+ U.S. Team + League Partnerships are up for renewal by or in 2022
  • Every new agreement includes incentive clauses worth up to 30% in additional spend, based on meeting or surpassing AB-defined KPIs
  • Incentives are tied to four (4) KPI categories
  • Properties will not receive less if they fail to meet or surpass target KPIs and the annual base spend is not decreasing

AB InBev Incentivized KPIs

On-Field Performance
Social Engagement
Awareness &
Joao Chueiri, VP
of Consumer Connections

The traditional sponsorship model, based on fees and media commitments, does not deliver the best value for us at a time when most leagues and teams are facing challenges with live attendance and TV ratings.

We want to evolve the model and encourage fan engagement.


MVP is the exclusive provider of branded content performance analysis for the 90+ U.S. team & league partners housed within AB InBev’s portfolio.
NBA Property Value Asessment

How We Support AB InBev

Our platform is designed to consistently measure the performance and estimated media value for all branded content (organic & promoted) being produced by each property for AB InBev. The model places an appropriately heavy emphasis on engagement quality, with each property being contextually evaluated against themselves (performance over time), their league counterparts, and the entire AB InBev partner ecosystem.

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The engine behind the comparative analysis and comprehensive measurement every week

Insights Team

The human layer that ensures no stone is left unturned in the quest for partner accountability and performance standardization


Input data for the performance-based sponsorship model directly into AB In Bev’s dashboard

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