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What you should know about how adidas leverages influencers:
  • Adidas uses MVP to track and contextualize the performance of 5,000+ global influencers.
  • Adidas Influencers are managed from their 15 Global Newsrooms: Germany, Portland, South Africa, Tokyo, New York, LatAm, Italy, Paris, London, Western Europe, Spain, India, Canada & Russia.
  • Maximizing assets (influencers) is a core pillar for the company's ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) initiative, which is designed to measure the impact of influencer content on the amplification of the adidas brand, campaigns & local activations.

Core KPIs

Jon Wexler, VP
of Global Entertainment and Influencer Marketing

Right now, it’s about authenticity of micro-influencers. Anyone with a Twitter account could be an influencer, but it’s the people who do it right and go narrow and deep that people gravitate towards. Quality over quantity.


Continuous alignment with localized relevant influencers stakes a three-stripe army and one badass platform.
Asset Performance at a Global Scale

Helping adidas measure the value and impact of its global influencers with local precision.

Digital engagement
is key for us.

We believe in the next three years we can take our online business from €1 billion to  €4 billion and create a much more direct engagement with customers.

Kasper Rorsted | Chief Executive Officer |

Key Value Spotlight

We’d need too many slides to show it all, but here are a few key areas of value we deliver for adidas in its quest for global domination:
Story Time

MVP provides the following Instagram Stories metrics:

  • Video Views
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Likes
  • Exits
  • Comments/Replies
  • Taps Forward
  • Taps Backward
Contextual Comparison

MVP allows adidas to compare the value of an asset against a select influencer, the entire adidas ecosystem, and any source of influence (person, team, league, brand, etc.).

Making Measurement the Main Event

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