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April 11, 2022
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MVP’s omnichannel media measurement and sponsorship valuation is built on accuracy and transparency. Our AI-powered logo detection software allows us to provide comprehensive valuation insights at brand and post levels. The data we provide in the MVP Social and Broadcast Platforms allow our customers to efficiently and precisely report the value they’ve created for sponsors and partners. Our methodology accounts for a multitude of factors to ensure the data reported in-platform is a true reflection of the value created.

First, let’s discuss overall media value, how it’s calculated, and the role it plays in the full valuation equation. We calculate the overall media value by incorporating the “cost to buy” into the platform. For example, if you wanted to run an ad on Instagram and elected to purchase it based on impressions (people who are exposed to your post), your cost would be directly tied to the number of impressions that post received. The same is true in reverse. If we know the number of impressions a post received, we can understand the value of that post. We also establish value for other types of campaigns, such as cost per click or cost per engagement. For instance, if you were to spend $5 to get 1,000 impressions using Instagram’s advertising buying network, we would value a similar post with 1,000 impressions at around $5.

Next, we examine logos and other assets within the post. We consider logos’ size, clarity, placement, and density within social images and videos and then use those metrics to attribute a portion of the post’s value to the brands detected, which is then displayed in-platform as brand value. Large, clear images grab attention and direct potential clients' eyes to your branding much more so than small, blurry elements. In addition to the logo detection, MVP also adds value for hashtags and/or tags (such as “with tags” or client-specific phrases) within the caption. These portions of the post are extremely valuable because they enable the viewer/reader to take some form of action. Because impressions are not static, values are updated as information changes within the app. Accordingly, if impressions increase significantly over a 24-hour period, the value of a post or logo on the platform will increase as well.

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Although looking at a singular image or video post is important, MVP recognizes the need to understand the whole picture. MVP is an industry leader in brand value calculation across social media and broadcast channels. Social media calculations — incorporating text, video, and audio metrics — are determined based on the post-level valuation explained above, and broadcast begins with a base-level cost-per-thousand (CPM) value, denoting the price per 1,000 advertisement impressions. MVP purchases CPM rates from SQAD, a proven leader in traditional advertising purchase data procurement. This data provides MVP with access to the sports advertising buys for broadcast on a monthly basis. The CPM values are the median values of those buys based on the sport and a game's broadcast window. For example, high-profile events occurring in primetime will naturally attract more viewers, causing advertising costs to spike. This CPM is used to establish the overall value of a game itself. We then use logo detection to identify brands shown throughout the game, and determine value based on each logo's size, placement on the screen, and how many other brands appear simultaneously — known in the media world as "clutter." But MVP understands fans focus on the games — not the sponsors — during sports broadcasts. For this reason, we also consider viewing habits when calculating the final value of a logo.

MVP takes pride in transparent methodology across the board, from post-level data on social media channels to omnichannel overall brand value. Our methodology takes into account that as sports fans, we are watching the game, not the logos, and value should reflect that. We also understand seeing something is not the same as retaining it, so we consider multiple factors when calculating value. Full media equivalency value — as in, “if this logo was the only thing on the screen, here is its value” — is what the typical brand valuation company reports. Our multi-factor approach provides a much more accurate value estimate, and exemplifies why our partners trust MVP. 

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