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March 22, 2022
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Every Super Bowl has defining moments that live on in football fans’ memories long after the celebrations are complete and the confetti is swept off of the field. Many occur at pivotal points in the big game, such as John Elway’s helicopter dive toward a first down in Super Bowl XXXII and Malcolm Butler’s game-clinching goal-line interception in Super Bowl XLIX. Others – like Scott Norwood’s missed field goal in Super Bowl XXV or Adam Vinatieri’s made field goal in Super Bowl XXXVI – have decided a champion on the game’s final play. Yet not all Super Bowl moments have anything to do with football. Whitney Houston’s breathtaking rendition of the national anthem mere hours before Norwood’s fateful field goal and Prince performing “Purple Rain” during a Miami downpour at halftime of Super Bowl XLI are replayed annually as standards of entertainment greatness. MVP compiled a broadcast and social analysis to highlight the moments sure to endure from last month’s Super Bowl LVI and how each created value for NFL partners.

The Moments That Made a Difference

Super Bowl advertisers spend millions of dollars every year to showcase their companies or products through 30-second commercials during breaks in the action. But 73% of the Super Bowl broadcast features gameplay or entertainment, providing ample opportunities for brands to earn exposure while football fans are intently watching. Super Bowl audience attention peaks during critical moments of the game when victory hangs in the balance, the annual halftime show featuring world-renowned musical superstars, and on-field celebrations as the league’s best team exhibits euphoria a lifetime in the making.

MVP analyzed NBC’s telecast of Super Bowl LVI to showcase the value of in-game publicity for the National Football League and its partners.Our report first details minute-to-minute viewership as well as how it compared to last year’s Super Bowl and across the United States’ designated market areas. We assess audience trends and brand placement prominence to calculate value generated by the NFL’s leading sponsors during game coverage as a result of being shown on graphics integration, stadium signage, sideline equipment, and various other elements throughout the program.

But for the broadcast’s key moments, our report tells the comprehensive story of a brand’s value journey while the world is watching. We focused on the halftime show, Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald’s triumphant celebration after clinching victory by forcing an errant throw fromCincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, and the traditional Gatorade bath enjoyed by Rams head coach Sean McVay to detail how broadcast coverage and social amplification through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube paid dividends for Pepsi, SoFi, Nike, and Gatorade.

In the years to come, most people will forget Super Bowl LVI’s final score and the game’s storylines. But a few fleeting moments will remain etched in fans’ memories because of their impact and the excitement – or heartbreak – they produced. And in the middle of each of those moments are fortunate NFL partners who reaped benefits from the exposure in real-time and continue to do so through viral social media. Read our report for the full picture.

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