MVP Reimagines Broadcast Measurement With Integration Of TiVo Data

MVP And Tivo Partnership Announcement

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January 26, 2021
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Austin, Texas (Jan. 26, 2021) -- Changes in measurement for brands and media companies have always been slow to implement, but the pandemic has highlighted the need to reboot how consumer engagement is tracked and quantified. 

While the industry waits for legacy providers to integrate digital, streaming and linear broadcast measurement over the next few years, MVP is poised to bring omnichannel evaluation to market in 2021. MVP has partnered with TiVo, ​the company that brings entertainment together and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation, to expand its industry-leading social and streaming measurement to include linear broadcast data. MVP will access TiVo’s cross-section of multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) across the U.S and population tiers to deliver broadcast data. By leveraging TiVo, MVP is able to provide minute-by-minute broadcast viewership data at both the national and local level. This enables MVP’s clients, brands, agencies, and rights holders, to efficiently analyze performance on a more holistic level.  

"Our mission is to develop innovative media measurement solutions that are capable of keeping up with the pace of change," said Brian Foley, MVP CEO. "The first step in making this vision a reality is to evolve linear broadcast measurement to a place where it's on par with the advanced analytics we're seeing from Twitch or YouTube on the streaming front, while delivering the granularity and efficiency that has made the social media ecosystem so effective. We evaluated every available option and it is clear that TiVo offers the most reliable, deterministic, and comprehensive dataset. TiVo data allows us to build game-changing broadcast products that do everything but maintain the status quo."

The addition of TiVo’s data will allow MVP to expand their premium sponsorship valuation offering as well as open up new lines of revenue for those interested in digging deeper into broadcast performance. The company already touts capabilities that span streaming, social, digital, and experiential, so broadcast completes their 360-degree coverage. With a mission to adhere to a transparent methodology that shows each input used to formulate value, MVP is shaking up the landscape in more ways than one.

“TV data is critical to advancing analytics in an omnichannel world,” said Walt Horstman, SVP, Monetization and Advertising, Xperi. “We are very pleased to partner with MVP to bring granular, deterministic TV data into cross-platform media measurement. Adding new insights from TV viewing will drive more effective advertising investment across all platforms.”

From a financial perspective, the first mover offering by MVP will provide a state-of-the-art measurement system to help determine value created for $100 billion spent by marketers on sponsorships each year, as well as creating a more accurate return for the tens of billions of additional executions flowing through digital and streaming platforms. In the end, this measurement system provides benchmarking and context for all available media channels associated with sponsorships.

MVP’s expanded measurement system will help answer many of the questions and the needs of all involved in media as opportunities, rights deals, and consumption habits continue to evolve into a new decade. This system is based on data and the learnings and applications of best practices by two leaders in measurement; leaders who are now partnering to rearrange the understanding of consumer viewership, literally to the nanosecond.

The inevitable change of measurement has been accelerated and all will benefit.

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