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MVP Launches Innovative New Platform

To Modernize Omnichannel Measurement And Valuation

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April 5, 2021
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(Austin TX. April 5, 2021)- Today, industry-leader MVP unveiled its comprehensive media measurement platform designed to capture and quantify all areas of sponsorship performance like never before. The release expands MVP’s world-class social measurement capabilities into broadcast and streaming, with an updated experiential offering slated for later in the year.

“2020 exposed the inefficiencies of the legacy media measurement model and forced the industry to confront the reality that we’re not as far removed from paper diaries for viewership and stopwatches for brand exposures as we thought we were and as we need to be,” said Brian Foley, Chief Executive Officer at MVP. “Our new platform answers the call for a solution to standardize and scale our clients ability to research, measure and value the performance of visible assets across all relevant channels regardless if it is owned, earned or competitive.”

MVP has a robust slate of on-going feature releases for the remainder of 2021, including the following in the first half of the year:

  • Automated global asset tracking for a faster, more accurate measurement of visible assets across broadcast, streaming and social.
  • Minute-level linear broadcast viewership at both the national and local level, with direct deterministic data from millions of set top boxes across North America.
  • Integrated contextual data, including on-court/field performance, attendance and roster management to better understand all value-driving elements.
  • Enhanced comparative analysis and benchmarking tools.
  • A completely rebuilt, state-of-the-art database infrastructure designed to deliver greater access to consistent, high-quality, accurate data.
  • Broadened esports capabilities to expand the tracking and monitoring of assets across tournaments, owned and operated properties, and at the streamer level.

This new omnichannel offering will deliver impactful results to brands, properties, and media companies faster and more accurately than ever before to empower a dynamic shift away from retroactive analysis to a more proactive strategic approach.

About MVP

MVP is a software company leading a new age of data-driven omnichannel measurement and valuation for the sports and entertainment industry. Through the use of transparent methodology and contextual performance analysis, MVP is redefining the inputs used to make investment decisions and asset value assessments.

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