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The Value Of Data Accuracy For The Big Game

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March 2, 2021
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In a year like no other, the Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was yet another example of expecting the unexpected and taking away key learnings on engagement, changing viewer habits and the constant adaptation to a world where measurement is less about sitting in front of a screen and more about a larger conversation.

More Than One Viewership Stat

While the overall traditional numbers were down, and a game dominated by Tom Brady’s Bucs probably drove those in front of the screen elsewhere as the second half played out, the fact remains that the Super Bowl and the live appointment viewing by consumers still begins and ends with professional sports. Even in a down year for viewership, the NFL continues to be the driving force for brands looking to engage through the live broadcast, and the delivery continued to be solid in a year when “traditional” activation went out the window and was surrounded by the overall silence of fans in the stands.

Our look at Super Bowl engagement is more about giving us insight into the future of how fans will want to engage and how brands can get the best ROI on investment. While many companies look for the biggest splash with a one off during the large Super Bowl audience, the reality is that the long term partners of the NFL, and of sports in general, still get the most resonance with consumers. They invest over time, and as a result, that investment is additive when we get to the big game.

The ability to see engagement at a minute-to-minute level over both broadcast viewership and social media allows for a greater in-depth understanding of trends. Our broadcast data is powered by the viewership behavior of a panel of 3,000,000 homes, more than 66x our closest competitor. This data also represents all 240 unique DMAs, providing the best lens for viewership behavior anywhere.

The other key takeaway are the brands that used a second screen or an additional call to action to drive results and resonance. The brands whose spokespeople effectively used social to drive a conversation, the brands that created off screen experiences, the ones who continued to deliver a larger story and used their sponsor spend to tee up a bigger conversation were the ones who really benefited from a Super Bowl splash. Now more than ever engagement is about the conversation, the ability to resonate with a core consumer, and the ability not just to get a splash with millions of sets of eyes but to pivot off that exposure to build brand and legacy.

While cute and innovative are nice, Super Bowl winners in the media, sponsorship business, and on the field come from a deep investment in planning, strategizing and then delivering on all fronts for brand success. We see it in those who got the most value in our numbers, and that enhanced value will keep growing as measurement adjusts. Becoming more important as value is remeasured not just on the broadcast numbers, but in all forms of engagement.

Luckily we are ahead of the industry in many of those areas of measurement, and what you will see in the coming weeks from MVP will be the best reflection of measurement anywhere. You get a glimpse of that in our Super Bowl numbers, but more to come as well.

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