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Fresh Ice and Novel Branding Opportunities

NHL Introduces DEDs, Jersey Patches for 2022-2023 Season

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October 11, 2022
October 11, 2022
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Across North America, scores of sticks have been taped, new sheets of ice have been frozen, and players’ equipment still smells fresh as another NHL season is set to begin. After an offseason during which the Stanley Cup made its way through Colorado and destinations chosen by members of the championship-winning Avalanche, the most recognizable trophy in sports is back in play for 32 franchises eager to lift the hardware next summer. The new campaign will not include sweeping rules changes on the ice, but it will introduce a pair of promotional opportunities that were not present in years past. Most notably, broadcast viewers will be witness to AI-powered Digitally Enhanced Dasherboards (DED) promoting a bevy of brand partners relevant in team-specific markets, opening an array of opportunities for sponsors at both national and local levels. Additionally, for the first time in 2022-2023, NHL teams may sell ad space on their jerseys in the form of patches – similar to what has been seen in recent years in the NBA and during NFL preseason. MVP’s unique omnichannel platform is the ideal tool for discovering key valuation metrics associated with each new marketing tool, and we will help you maximize the value of your sponsorships.

MVP Can Determine Dasherboard Value

In announcing the debut of DED advertising for the new season, the NHL described the system as a means of allowing innovative advertising opportunities for the league, its clubs, and their partners on camera-visible arena dasherboards. Essentially, the technology in play will overlay dynamic graphics on the boards to deliver targeted branding assets in ways that were previously impossible. It promises to be revolutionary in providing publicity for team partners on both home and away broadcasts, while also offering teams opportunities to display social media integrations and increase the number of sponsors receiving broadcast exposure.

But with a novel approach comes previously unforeseen obstacles. The old manner of measuring brand valuation is incomplete when graphics change during a game and vary across networks. However, MVP’s solutions remain on the cutting edge of technology. Our platform’s computer vision model uses a combination of placement, object, and logo detection to monitor the value of sponsorships, thus enabling brands to make strategic decisions that maximize returns on investments. As seen below, our AI-powered software’s placement detection methodology involves scanning and recognizing each location within a broadcast where a logo could be shown. This strategy is especially helpful for DEDs because even though they may change rapidly, MVP’s platform easily recognizes the placements and, by extension, the logos in view.

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Teams Aim to Capitalize on New Placements

Another addition to the range of asset placement opportunities available to teams and partners in the new season is jersey patches. In our NFL dynamic report this past summer, MVP revealed the potential of such placements during preseason on social media alone – with brands collectively earning as much as $400,000 worth of value in a single week from the league’s franchises. But as NHL clubs prepare to wear sweaters with partners emblazoned on their breasts during regular season games, brand value generation will be amplified. Our omnichannel platform is equipped to deliver valuation metrics on both broadcast events and social media channels for teams and brands, with our findings ultimately serving as guideposts for successful marketing campaigns. To date, 10 of the 32 NHL clubs have signed jersey patch partners for the 2022-2023 season, including the St. Louis Blues, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Washington Capitals. Our weekly social campaigns throughout the season are sure to shine a spotlight on those who create the most brand value online, while our computer vision model will clarify the entire picture by determining broadcast value generated by the wearable ad space.

Dropping the Puck on a New Season

This week begins with blissful hope across the NHL. Arenas are sure to fill with fans eager to once again feel the brisk air near the ice, witness the grace of the world’s best hockey players traversing the milky white ice at incredible speeds, and hear a blaring goal siren after the home team shoots and scores. All the while, a smorgasbord of brand partners will be apparent for viewers in the arena and watching at home. Throughout the season, MVP will monitor the value provided by social and broadcast placements. Contact us for a demo or consultation to learn more about how we can help you maximize the value of your sponsorships.

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