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Our software helps brands, properties, and agencies accurately quantify the value of partnerships, sponsorships, and activations with an integrated and cohesive omnichannel view that includes broadcast, streaming, social, digital, audio, in-venue, and on location.

We are a unique software platform designed to integrate with existing people processes or systems to help automate a service-heavy industry and start driving more efficient and impactful solutions.

We’re fortunate to have a roster full of trusted partners from all areas of business that rely on our platform to provide accurate, unbiased data to help them evaluate strategic marketing initiatives.

Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing about or defending “proprietary metrics”.

We are too.

So we’re ditching ours and shifting to a transparent methodology that shows each input used to formulate value.

Our solution provides comprehensive performance analysis and valuation at both the individual partner or portfolio level, including assessing branded and unbranded content, attributable audiences, broadcast presence, and activations (digital and experiential).

Like many who are looking to answer the ROI question, we're fatigued by the lack of evolution in the measurement space. In response to that call for improvement, we're stepping in as the solution that isn't afraid to dive deep into the details to ensure we're delivering the most efficient omnichannel approach.

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